Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kinta - The Worst Movie Ever Made

While in KL I decided I would go and watch a movie. I had not watched a movie during my entire trip up until that point. I think the locals call it going to the cinema, like the english do since they're a former british colony. Anyway nearly all the movies were American movies and I didn't want to watch something I could watch back home. So I looked around and Kinta caught my eye. It was advertised as Malaysia's first martial arts movie. I thought, wow, cool something totally Malaysian. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time....

My ticket stub, proof I survived Kinta.

It turned out to be a horrible idea. Kinta is probably the worst movie that has ever been made. I have to wonder if all Malaysian movies are this bad... Don't take my word for it, let me qoute for you a review from IMDB:

By cffong from Malaysia:
I don't even want to think back how I could sat there and endured the suffering by letting this piece of 'sheet' movie play on my TV! This movie is a disgrace to all Malaysian. Please do all Malaysian a favor, don't advertised this movie as "Made in Malaysia"!

By hwoarang45:
Yes i totally agreed with cffong, this work of disgrace is soo horrible it actually cause me nightmares , few days of sleepless nights, its so bad that thinking about it will traumatize me all over again.

The visual effect is work than any Malaysian movie made in the 70's, director doesn't even understand the concept of story telling, no focal point on any characters, story flow and script close to non existence, the writer tries to make it historical throw is some fictional tin miner story, with not a single reference to the actual deal, then all of sudden it becomes a kungfu flick where all the miners turn mortal combatan, zzzzzz.....

Its like the director and writer tries to torture me with bad actings, story, visual and sound. Pushing the viewer to the limit, making them suicidal,

I warn u all that haven't seen it, its a CRIME AGAINST NATURE , a sin among men, don't put yourself to such cruel torture, but then again one could always buy it and send to ur mortal enemy, death by movie trauma.

It has now been almost two years since my trip to asian ended and Kinta still scars me. I have had no desire to see any movie in the theater since. Kinta is the last movie I have seen in a theater since 2008.

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