Sunday, October 31, 2010


There are many beer houses in Munich but there's only one that Hitler had a party at and that's the Hofbrauhaus. It's the most touristy beer house so you won't as authentic an experience as some of the others. Actually the better beer houses are Augustiner Braustuben an Augustiner-Keller.

Yes, I ordered a beer / bier. I'm in Munich, I have to try it!

I ordered the pig ankle or somthing.... it was good.
Still working on it...

The pretzel was invented in Germany by some monks. The 3 spaces stand for something like the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

One of these was enough to make me a little dizzy... weak, I know.

The pretzel lady.

finished! I couldn't eat that last round thing. Yes I drank all the beer.

This is in the mens bathroom only. It's for vomiting. You stand over it and just hurl. The womens restroom is not equipped with this puke catching machine.

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