Saturday, October 16, 2010

FRIM - Forrest Research Institute Malaysia

The next day I went to FRIM, the Forrest Research Institute in Malaysia. Honestly, it was really boring so I'm not going to bother writing anything here really. It started to rain when I was hiking. Rain in a tropical forest can be dangerous, you should get out of the forest in such an event. I did as I didn't want to be hit by lightning or caught in a fire from lightning. That was pretty much the end of my FRIM trip.

The National Mosque from the train I took to get to FRIM.

View form the train ride to FRIM.

Welcome to FRIM.

Huge Ants!


These people are getting their skin treated.... by fish! Remember my doctor fish post from Singapore? These doctor fish eat the dead skin off of you. Well there's a small place in FRIM that has them and it's free.

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