Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Siem Reap Foods

Pictures of some of the food I had in Siem Reap. Angkor Wat will be my next post, promise.

This is the first restaurant I ate at in Siem Reap. I chose it because the name of the place was Khmer Family Restaurant. I figured they would have some traditional Khmer foods to try.

Shrimp, yummy.

This was a collection of Khmer curries. Some were spicy and most of them had coconut flavoring. Of course there is some rice that comes along with it.

Veggie and Curry Soup.... I'm not sure what the veggie is called but in Chinese it's called Kong Xing Tsai.

I know the picture is hard to see, but here's a picture of part of the menu at another restaurant. These are the prices for some Cambodian BBQ. The prices are in US Dollars, remember, in Cambodia US Dollars are used and Cambodian Dollars are used for anything less than $1 USD.

Prices of wood fried Pizza in US Dollars.

Wood fired Pizza, I don't remember the price anymore but as you can see from the menu it was probably under $6 USD.

Tomato and Pork with Rice.

Ready for some Crocodile BBQ?

Here it is! I was apparently so pathetic trying to bbq it myself one of the waitresses came over to do it for me. Crocodile is pretty tough meat and it tastes like pork!

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