Monday, January 5, 2009

Inspiration: World Ramblers

While I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (I'm not quite there with my blog entries yet folks) I met a really inspirational couple: Megan and Rich of World Ramblers. They were basically doing what I was, but going further and had been gone longer than me. They were going around the world and had already been to Europe and were now in Southeast Asia.

Megan and Rich are a married couple from San Diego. They were victims of the 2007 wild fires in San Diego and their house burned down. Not only that but Rich was a Software Engineer writing software related to the mortgage industry. With the collapse of the mortgage industry Rich was eventually laid off. Quite a series of unfortunate events.

These events could be disastrous for anyone but Megan and Rich were able to find the silver lining. Megan is a travel writer and had been wanting to do some traveling. These unfortunate events created the perfect opportunity to really travel just as Megan had been wanting!

So around the global they decided to go. They went to Europe, to India, to Southeast Asia, and eventually they'll make it to Japan before heading home sometime around mid 2009. They have been living life to the fullest, meeting tons of interesting people (ie. people biking around the world, people motor cycling around the world, and me! ok not so much me), trying delicious foods eveywhere, swimming in lakes, exploring caves, visiting exotic temples and tombs, and sometimes just sleeping in. =)

Besides being just great people, and great company in the hostel they also have a wonderful blog for independent travelers like myself and maybe you if you so desire. They have well written articles full of information and wonderful descriptions. I encourage you to check them out at:

Megan and Rich could have sat around and cried about their situation. They could have sat around and felt so sorry for themselves. No home! No job! What about my career? What about money? And then, they could have gone back into the rat race trying to replace all the material things they had acquired. They didn't. They decided to enrich their lives. They went on a journey of a lifetime and they did it before they got too old to handle the rigors of the outdoors. My point is simple, if Megan and Rich whose house burned down could go travel, well then, what's stopping you?

Rich and Megan, be safe and keep having fun!

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