Friday, December 12, 2008

Tips and Tricks: Traveling with an iPod

It sucks trying to manage your iPod while traveling if you don't have your own laptop and there's no iTunes on the hostel computer. Grrrrrr!!!!

I have an iPod Nano. I have a love hate relationship with my iPod. I love the small size, I love that it plays my music, but I hate iTunes. Oh man don't get me started on iTunes. I think it's one of the worst software applications I have ever used. Granted I haven't used it since 2004, but if it still tries to take over your computer, steals your focus, and is slow then yes I still think it's crap.

Problem with iTunes while traveling
The problem with iTunes is you have to install this piece of crap on your laptop to manage your iPod while you're traveling, meaning you must have a laptop. If you don't have a laptop you're pretty much out of luck. If the hostel computer or internet cafe won't let you install iTunes you're completely out of luck. Well not anymore.

Solution: Use Floola
Floola (windows version)

I highly recommend using Floola. This is an iTunes alternative that you can actually run from your iPod. That means you can just drag and drop Floola into your iPod as an external HD to install it; then connect the iPod to any computer and run it from your iPod. No installation on the computer required! Floola also runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux (Win98 to Vista, Mac OS X 10.3.9 and newer, and Linux you'll need GTK 2). I keep a copy of every OS version on my iPod so I can just manage it from ANY kinda of computer. Most people will not need the linux version. Get the windows version if you're a mac user just because most computers you'll come across at internet cafes and hostels will be windows.

It's FREE!
There are other reasons to use Floola. It's FREE. Yes, totally 100% free. You can donate to the project if you like, but it's not required.

Copy songs from your iPod
You can also copy songs to the computer you're using. Yep, that's right, copy music from your iPod.

Yes it works with the new sexy iPod Nano 4G.

If Floola didn't exist I probably wouldn't use an iPod, I hate iTunes that much. But even if you like iTunes Floola gives you the flexibility you need to manage your iPod while you're backpacking around the world.

Get Floola!


Rich said...

great article Vince. I've always disliked ITunes as well. This application will come in Handy for me and my wife as we travel. Can this also be used on an IPhone or ITouch?

Vagabond Vince said...

It does not work with the iPhone. I think it may work with the iTouch but I've never tried it so I can't confirm it.

HomelessHacker said...

I hate the special software required "good" MP3 players and most of the cheap mass storage USB memory key players are junk. I was able to hack a Samsung YP-U3 to do mas storage and it has a switchblede pop out USB so no cable to loose.