Monday, December 8, 2008

Shanghai Food

Shanghai is known as a food lovers paradise. Shanghai food is not the saucy Cantonese style food most of the world recognizes; Shanghai food is greasier, greasy goodness. They are famous for baos, in particular Xiao Long Bao. Those are the little baos with soup filling inside the dough. I posted about a famous Taiwanese Restaurant that specializes in this type of bao in one of my Taipei posts. In any case, baos are everywhere in Shanghai, and cheap. Delicious... in case you can't tell I love my baos, especially Xiao Long Baos and Gou Te (pot stickers).

Sheng Jian Bao and Pot Stickers.... oh my!

Xiao Long Bao and Gou Te (potstickers)... my favorites. I'm in heaven!

Spicy Beef Noodles

A pork and rice dish.

Near by the YuYan Garden is this restaurant where you can get huge baos where you drink the soup with a straw.
Nanjing Tang Bao - this is the big bao where you drink the soup out it with a straw. It was fun for the experience but I wasn't crazy about it. Generally people just drink the soup, they do not eat the bao but you can if you like.

At that big soup bao restaurant I also got some sheng jian bao
and some hot and sour soup

Beijing Ya (aka Peking Duck) at a floating restaurant before my Huangpu River Cruise. It was not good. It's better in Beijing... but let me tell all you Americans a trick of the trade. While the Beijing Duck may not have all the pomp it does in China, it's actually MUCH cheaper back home and the duck tastes just as good, they don't seem to use the thin wraps though but that's fine with me. You will need to make sure you go to a major Chinese community to find the good stuff. Look for where the Chinese Americans go to eat. In the Los Angeles area avoid Chinatown, it sucks. Go to the San Gabriel valley.

Shark fin soup... I learned to dive in Thailand, they'd be pissed at this! Don't hurt me PETA.
Egg Tart dessert

La Mien

More Xiao Long Bao

More Potstickers... these were not that great

Sheng Jian Bao, these were good

Banana Fried Pancake

Bread thingy

Fried Dough Cookies, yummy

Xiao Long Bao

Sheng Jian Bao

Chinese Sausage Cart

These Fruit carts are still very common. A throw back to older times.... yet it's 2008.
This lady apparently didn't want my to take a picture of her delicious food. It was too late, I was already shooting. Her hand is blurry because she was threatening to throw an egg at me. She didn't. Shanghai people are known for being all bark and no bite.

Some bread thing
A common snack: Xiang Chang - Chinese Sausage.

Mango flavored Lays Potato Chips -- they were not good

Ice cream in China... am I risking melamine????

Now THIS is a melamine risk! This is a Chinese Yogurt Milk drink. They are quite popular.

Just take a look at the ingredients.... MILK POWER! I did not drink this. It's like asking for kidney stones. No thanks!


Jennifer said...

I like those yogurt milk things! I found them at a market here in Tucson recently -- my grandma used to give them to us. Yum! Also, I noticed the noodle soup is called "La Mien." Is that like "ramen"? I wonder if the Japanese got that from China!

Vagabond Vince said...

Yeah, good eye for detail. You must be a software engineer. Actually Ramen originated from China. My understanding is that Ramen means something like hand pulled noodles which is what La Mien means. I think it's a direct translation. I think these days though, Japan and China have many different variations on La Mien/Ramen.

Anonymous said...

Gross dude, did you eat the Nanjing Tang Bao? I wonder if they recycle the Bao's that people don't eat and just drink out of...yum.. GROSS! :D

Patty said...

omg.. im soOOO jealous of the food. the pork feet has good collagen which is good since you are walking a lot.

did you get a silk comforter? those are good stuff, totally rivals my down.

how does the pot stickers there compare to your favorite place here?

did you try any hand made noodles??

how can you NOT drink the yogurt milk drink?

BTW... did you skip over taiwan?

Vagabond Vince said...

No silk comforter. I try to buy a little as possible because carrying things around while traveling is a pain.

The good Chinese food at home is actually quite comparable to the Chinese food in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. However I'd say the high end Dim Sum in Hong Kong is better but not worth the high price.

I'd say my favorite pot sticker place back home (Supreme Dragon in Rowland Heights) is just as greasy and dirty as the ones in Shanghai, and thus, just as yummy! ;)

Things are cheaper in China, you can find a lot more good bao places easily. But there's plenty of good authentic places back home. Patty you should know since I find out good places to eat from you!

BTW, I blogged about Taiwan early in my trip. On the left hand column of the blog click the Taiwan label to see my Taiwan posts. Taiwan was so much fun! I look forward to going back. I had to miss out on Ali San and Green Island due to typhoons. I also want to scuba at Kenting now that I can dive.