Monday, December 15, 2008

Nanjing - Random Photos

Here are some random pictures of other parts of Nanjing I visited.

My room at sunflower hostel

Confucius Temple
Info on the Temple

people throw decorations into this tree


Qin Huai River

Wende Bridge

Wende Bridge

Map of Nanjing provided by my hostel

Overnight train from Nanjing to Xian

This is the train I took from Nanjing to Xian. There are 3 bunks, one on top of each other. It's very crowded and seems kind of like a prison cell. The top bunk does not have enough room to sit up. You can only lay down. Guess where I stayed? Yep, top bunk. Remember this when you purchase a ticket for a regular over night train in China. If they ask if the top bunk is ok it's because you'll be a sardine for the trip. Also the locals will beat you to the little seats on the side. Don't even bother trying to get one.

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