Monday, December 15, 2008

Nanjing Food

Here are some of the foods from Nanjing.
Uneven chopsticks... we're off to a good start

salted duck


duck blood soup. it feels like jello when you eat it


eel from the duck blood soup

beancurd and shrimp dish

steamed baos

So many mouth watering potstickers...... mmmmmmmmmm

My potstickers, so good and so cheap. I think this was $1. I ate at this place a lot.

Beef noodles, you could customize your dish.

a dessert item... a sweet rice ball type of snack? it was hollow in the middle and really sweet. i liked it
red bean desserts, I did not like these. i do not like red bean

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Anonymous said...

Nanjing salted duck is famous.