Monday, December 22, 2008

14 hours early

I like to get to the airport early... but this is ridiculous! So I'm really smart, I decided that with a 11:45 departure time I would leave my hostel at 7:45. This would give me ample time to check in and relax and just not feel rushed. Fantastic!

Well, I left at 7:45 and it was an hour cab ride to the airport. It's 8:45 so far no problem...

Oh hey look... the flight leaves at 11:45 PM. I left at 7:45 AM. OMG. What am I going to do at the airport for 14 hours?

Well so far I've been chilling at burger king because they have an outlet for my laptop. Luckily for me the Kuala Lumpur International Airport has free wifi, though it is slow. Hey, better than nothing.

Chilling is nice but I'm bored. Only 7 more hours until my flight. Yay....
Boy am I smart.

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