Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taipei Foods

Man, I've been lagging. Sorry for not being able to update in a timely manner. Getting a constant Internet connection has been difficult, plus I'd rather be out than blogging. =P

Some quick nightmarket pictures before we get to the food.
Bad picture but here's a shot of a night market in Taipei.

Nightmarket shot again... so crowded.

Puppies for sale at a nightmarket.

Ok now on to some of the foods of Taipei

Some meat wrapped in a bread thing... it was really good and I think around $1 USD or less.

Burger flavored chips?????? They tasted more like pickles to me.

Apple Sidra. I used it to wash down the burger flavored chips.

You can get these baos at the Shida night market. They are really, really good. Look for the long line. Grab a number and wait for them to call it. Then tell them how many you want.
I got 12 for 72 NT, that's a tiny bit more than $2 USD. So good, so cheap. Mmm, so yummy. I need to go back.

deep fried mushrooms from Danshui

Eggs I think... can't remember anymore.

Corn Dog

Taiwanese Sausage

Egg thing

Street Vendor food

I don't know what these are called but I got the peanut filling one.

Here's the peanut filling. It was really good.

Some desserts

Donuts at the nightmarket???? Doooooonuts...... mmmmmmm.....

Some peanut spread in bread, it was simliar to peanut butter.

Street vendor cart at a night market. You pick what you want and they deep fry it for you.

Deep fried chicken from the cart above. They were really good, but I think they made me sick.

Bread, it's pronounced Man-toe.
Onion Bread

Egg drop and Corn soup, and Hot and Sour soup.

Potstickers.... oh I love these.


Ok, so it's not Taiwanese food, but every time I see the old fashioned McDonald's Apple pie I have to get it. Deep Fried goodness; they don't make them like they used to back in the States.

Bao..... really cheap, really good. There are different flavors, I got pork (on the right)

They called it some pork wrap. I call it bacon on a toothpick. A small snack from the Wulai park.

Seaweed Flavored Lays Potato Chips
Taiwanese Sausage, Mmmmmm.

Some xiao long bao from a street vendor. Cheap and yummy.

Stinky Tofu... I'm not really a fan of it. It's supposed to be better than it smells, but it smells like sewage.

Apparently in Asia they don't drink Gatorade, they drink Pro Sweat. It was good.
I know it's hard to read but it says: Lactic Acid Milk.

Um... asparagus juice anyone? Yeck!

Cheap Dinner, this cost me $1 USD.

Peanut Flavored Ice Cream... it's really good actually.


pockygurl said...

omg. hungree!!! i'm so envious. you must be seriously getting fat!! Aahhaahaa

Vagabond Vince said...

I have not been watching what I eat on this trip. I eat what I want, when I want, and as much as I want. I have been losing weight, even while drinking sodas and eating ice cream. It's the American lifestyle that makes us fat.