Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Original Din Tai Fung

I almost forgot... I had a chance to drop by the original Ding Tai Fung really quickly before I left Taiwan. They specialize in a type of bao called xiao long bao. Xiao long bao have a small amount of soup inside the bao so when you bite into it the soup juice squirts into your mouth. They're very yummy.

Din Tai Fung is famous because they supposedly used water with healing properties to make their baos. This is of course BS, but it's a selling point. Each bao is individualled wrapped a specific number of times so they all have the same number of folds.

How to eat the xiao long baos... I never knew this even after eating at their branch in the United States.

If you're too lazy to read the instructions above I tried to make a video on how to eat them.

The regular xiao long bao and I think the best dish they have.

Shrimp and Pork
Crab - I didn't like this one.

Making the xiao long baos

In my opinion the food is good, pretty darn good, but not that good to warrent the high prices. The prices in Taipei compared to the branch in Arcadia were about the same.

I don't think you have to go all the way to Taipei for Din Tai Fung. There's a branch in Arcadia (near Los Angeles) and they pretty much taste the same.


tony said...

ill hit any of those girls!!

let me know if you gonna hit bangkok, ill hook u up

Patty said...

WHAT? I find it hard to believe that the DTF in Taiwan taste the same as the one in Arcadia cause the one here is not THAT great... =( the skin is so over rolled it completely lost its "Q-ness" and the meat is like PASTE.

Vagabond Vince said...

tony, i hope you're talking about the girls in front of din tai fung because the people making the baos are all men.

patty.. I'm not as much of a foodie as you, but I really thought they were about the same.