Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dress up for Macu.. this isn't vegas

Macau is a former colony of Portuguese much like Hong Kong was once a colony of Great Britain. You can see that as streets have Portuguese names and this hotel worker is dressed in a funny looking Portuguese outfit.

So on 9/1/08 I went to Macau to check out the crazy chinese gambling scene I've heard so much about. I've been told the gambling culture is totally different than Las Vegas. In Vegas even if you don't gamble there's plenty to do. I don't gamble much in Vegas but have always managed to have fun anyway with all the shows and food. Macau is just straight gambling. In fact it reminded me more of Reno than Vegas.

These guys were totally psyched about going to Macau, they were yelling the whole boat ride.

I saw the Macau versions of MGM and Venetian as well as some others, however only MGM and Venetian let me onto the casino floors because I was carrying a small backpack and flip flops. I suppose MGM and Venetian are Vegas based where they don't care what you wear but all the others thought I was some poor chinese villager or something. Very lame. Oh, Wynn also did not let me inside the casino floor. Also don't squat in front of a casino, as i did to fix my backpack, because they will come up to you and ask you not to. It's easy to forget being an american.... but the people there squat to take a number 2... so apparently it's considered very tacky. Hahaha.

The casino floors I did see were mostly dead. The Venetian was the only one with seemingly a decent amount of gambling going on. It's probably because I went on a weekday, but the people I did see were quite intense.

Tips for people planning to visit Macau:
1. Buy a one way ticket there so you are not locked into a return time. It will give you ample time to explore the island.
2. Plan to spend the whole day at Macau if you want to see historical sites as well as the casinos.
3. wear shoes
4. don't wear a backpack... those male purses (i forgot what they're called) are ok though
5. There are free buses from the ferry landing to all the major casinos and back. Use the to see the casinos.

View of the Venetian from the bus stop.

Hallway of the Venetian.

A chinese guys singing in Italian on the gondola ride.

MGM Grand

Inside the lobby.
The courtyard.
A family of lions.


I dunno about you but I think the "lucky" red chinese characters look really tacky.
Fountain show outside the Wynn every 15 minutes with music of course. Bellagio ripoff anyway?

Ruins of St. Paul's Church

This facade is what's left of St. Paul's Cathedral. It is located right next to the museum of Macau. If you don't know much about Macau's history I'd encourage you to take a peak... bring your student Id for a discount. I generally get bored of museums but I thought this one was alright. I didn't bring my student Id on my trip and asked the lady at the counter if I could get the student pass anyway... she said no which sucked. But then she the amount of change she gave me was the student amount so I took it quickly and ran off inside... sweet. Also she was a mix of something and spoke perfect american english.

Weird Stuff

Look closely.... do you see it? Here's a close up

I met a guy from the Netherlands who bought this shirt in Pakistan. Apparently Osama bin Laden is quite the celebrity there. ::Sigh:: Being away from home I haven't given much thought to the problems going on back home. it's a big change because normally I like to read the news about what is going on and follow the elections very closely. The fact that Osama bin laden is a celebrity in Pakistan is just another reminder of th failed leadership back home. The thing is I run into all these travelers from all over the world now and everytime I say I'm American they always kinda giggle at what we've allowed to happen to ourselves. I'm so embarrassed of my countries actions, but even though impeachment won't happen at least it's almost over. Hopefully we can stand up tall internationally again soon. Well enough of that.... just vote in November and don't forget to kick out the lame congress member in your district that didn't do their job against the executive branch. Back to vagabonding. =)

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